Monday, 14 April 2008

Yes! The Blue Garden is open for the season!

The Blue Furniture is still stored away down in the old doll house, but now it is official, The Blue Garden is open for the season. We are still fighting the snow, and only the sunrays manage to give us some warmth, but we have had our first cup of coffee out in the garden.
That was yesterday, one of those rare Sundays when life showed its best side from every corner. Today we have been back to work, and it seems like the clouds and showers felt they had some spring cleaning to do.
I have started The Blue Garden's 2008 Chronicle, and every millimeter of growth of every single plant in the garden is written down - at least these first days of spring.

Marta digged deep in her wardrobe and found a sleeveless top and a jeans shorts from last summer. In between "helping the snow to melt" she let her bare feet and arms bathe in sun.

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