Wednesday, 16 April 2008

I am of stubborn roots

"I am of stubborn roots". Many years ago I got a first letter from a friend to be, and in her presentation of herself she wrote - I am of stubborn roots. My mother tongue is Norwegian, and here I stumbled upon a new and unknown word to me - stubborn. I couldn't find the word in my dictionary and it took me some time to understand what it meant. When I found out I came to love the word. Stubborn. I am of stubborn roots.
My American friend connected this to her Norwegian heritage, and she might be right. Norwegians are stubborn people. May be that's because of our long, dark and cold winters? What do I know.
When I came over the early chives and the rhubarb fighting their way through the snow, the word stubborn came back to me. There is no better word for the Nordic spring, is there?

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A wildlife gardener said...

How true that is! Nature is very stubborn..and a good thing too...or nothing would ever grow in all the extreme temperatures all over the world :)