Thursday, 17 April 2008

Seeding Time

My collection of seeds from around the world has been waiting patiently for sowing. In the colourful bowl to the left I have poppey seeds from Lindisfarne, to the right I have a collection of "surprise seeds" from Carl von Linné's garden in Uppsala in Sweden. I collected them last autumn, and have no idea what they are, now idea if they will grow in The Blue Garden.
Today has been seeding day in The Blue Garden. Out on the kitchen veranda I had filled small boxes with soil yesterday, and kept them inside the kitchen overnight to give them some warmth. Now the seeds are potted and the boxes are indoors again - it is still too cold outdoors.
The morning glory seeds were a gift for my birthday from a friend in USA, Avis. Avis know my love for blue :-)

A green house has been on top of my wishlist for my birthday for a couple of years. But now when the birthday finally came (and went), we decided there are so many other things we will do in the garden first, so a green house will wait. At least for now!

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Barbara said...

You HAVE a lot of little greenhouses already ;-) !! May they contain a lot of wonderful flowers for your garden. Wishing you a successful seeding!