Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Looking out my kitchen window.

Looking out my kitchen window I see the herb garden, and lifting my eyes a little more, the sanctuary, the silent garden, the rainbow garden (to be) is there. When we started to prepare the wilderness which is to become my rainbow praying garden last summer, I had no clear ideas of how this part of the garden would turn out. I still don't have, but slowly, slowly the silent garden is coming to life.
It will not be easy to get thigs to grow under the huge fir trees which have been growing there for so many years. But slowly, slowly the growing will continue. And the praying stone is always there for me.

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Barbara said...

And suddenly you are in the middle of Spring too, working in the garden, showing pictures with blooming plants.Wonderful for you!...I had to catch up several of your posts and I see the difference. Snow has gone..I hope definitely!
Have a nice evening on todays Ascension Day!