Friday, 18 April 2008

At The Edges of a Blue Garden

Once upon a time there was a troll family living at The Edges of a Blue Garden. All winter they made life comfortable inside an old stump, but as soon as spring came they left their winter quarter and came out to explore The Edges as they called their land. From early morning till late night the trolls played among the flowers in the garden, breathing their fantasy and their imagination into every bud and every leaf and every butterfly and every ant and every spider they met.
The trolls were shy and they were afraid the Blue Lady might chase them away if she found them. They knew the hours of the Blue Lady's garden walks, and hid as best they could when she was nearby.

All the snow had finally melted on The Edges of a Blue Garden and Mother Troll, Sister Troll and Brother Troll played outdoors from daylight till dusk. During the week-days they felt safe, The Blue Lady was always away then. Untill today. Troll Sister and Troll Brother suddenly froze stiff, pretending to be stones. The Blue Lady came humming around the corner carrying her camera.

At the Edges of a Blue Garden The Blue Lady stopped, bent down and started to shoot photos. Blue Sister could hear her say "Lovely, the Troll Garden is coming alive. I will get some great photos for my garden diary today". Troll Sister Looked at Troll Brother: "The Troll Garden? Is that the name she has given The Edge of a Blue Garden? Troll Garden, do you think she knows about us?" Troll Brother looked frightened. They had promised Troll Mother never to let any Lords of Ladies see them, and never ever The Blue Lady. She was the owner of their troll universe, and what if she wanted a garden free of trolls?

"Let us keep on pretending we are stones" said Troll Sister. "Look, she is on her way back to the Blue Garden. I am sure she haven't seen us".
Having rounded the corner The Blue Lady stopped and looked carefully back over her shoulder. The Troll Garden was filled with stones, but after a while she could see a couple of the stones moving. She smiled to herself and walked back in to her studio and her garden diary.

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Barbara said...

When staying in Norway, my friend Bente told me that I never should speak to a troll, otherwise this would make them disappear for ever....and this ist not a good sign for a garden or forest ;-) !! Well, unfortunately we do not have these cute little "men and women" here.... Have a nice weekend and take care of your trolls!