Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Looking up, up, up.......

During my garden walk I decided not to look down at all the dirty snow and thick ice. Not to look down at all the fallen leaves from last autumn. Isn't it so much better to get a stiff neck from looking up, up, up.......I said to myself.
And so I did.
Birches, pines, spruces, and blue, blue sky, dotted with white here and there. I was lucky timing my walk, snow shower have passed over the blue garden several times during the day.

But now there were no signs of snow, believe me, I even almost forgot that the soles in my old garden shoes are worn paperthin and drank rotten snow like a sponge..........I must remember to change into dry socks as soon as I have finished my writing.
I wish I was a child again. Climbing these trees together with Marta (she did not allow me to take a photo of her climbing today, but here you have one from our cabin last March)

Lifting my eyes up, up, up, and a new world is opening.
Another day will be for looking down and around.........


UP said...

When you can see the red buds on the trees you know spring isn't far behind. In fact we are expecting warm temperatures and a south breeze today. I think I will take a walk around the neighborhood midday today.

Britt-Arnhild said...

Enjoy your walk UP.