Saturday, 12 April 2008

The gardener is awak again.

Leirfivel, hestehov, tussilago farfara (latin) - this first spring flower has alot of different names. In a few weeks we will call in a weed. These days it is the first playful sign of a coming spring and summer.

I am reading garden books and magazines, I have planted the first seeds indoors, a small round table and two café chairs have found their place in the terrace and I am back to my daily garden walks (still dancing my steps in between patches of snow.

I love this time of the year.

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Barbara said...

In my language exist a lot of different words for this - in fact lovely - wildplant (weed), depending on the region of our country. When my children were young they usually brought a bunch of these yellow blooms home as a flower bouquet. It looks nice on the table though it stays fresh only for a short time. My youngest once said, that he brings the "sun" home! And he was right, it is like having a bit of sun after the grey and snowy winter days.
Have a nice Sunday!