Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Started the vegetable garden

The temperatures are unusually mild for the season. 20C today, and we can see the grass and the leaves growing. It can still come frosty nights for a few weeks, but I tokk the chance to start the vegetable garden today. So far only rucola salad and radish, and also a bed with sweet peas just outside the vegetable patch. Marta has been home from school with fever and a bad cough all week, but is getting better, and tonight she was inspired and came out to make a sunflower bed on the western side of the house. Sown red sunflowers.
Terje was also out with us, and kept on his work in the rainbow garden. Moved a few birches and fir trees, and helped me move a few huge, old lavenders.

Also bought a few daisies today and planted them out, together with geranium. From a friend in Switzerland I got a seed packet in the mail the other day, and they are now planted and prayed over.


Miss.Maddie's said...

Marta looks like she's having fun planting and watering the garden.
It is one of Nature's greatest gifts to be able to grow your own food and flowers.
We still have frost looming so planting is about 2 weeks off yet.

UP said...

Is that rhubarb I see by the fence? I planted rhubarb last spring and thought it wouldn't make it because it looked rather rough at the end of last summer. So I was pleasantly surprised to see it coming up this spring. I hope I get enough rhubarb to make a pie later this spring.

Barbara said...

Now you're ahead! My vegetable garden is not yet ready...too much rain during the last few weeks. But today we had a sunny day. Tomorrow I have to continue to weed, there is grass everywhere (a very invasive weed with long, long roots in the heavy clay soil!). I do wish for you that the seed will grow!
Hilsen, Barbara

A wildlife gardener said...

Well, that's early for us. We're still too cold to plant veggies yet. I wish you success :)