Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Seek and You Shall Find

Seek and You Shall Find.......I wonder if Jesus had a Norwegian early spring garden in mind when he said these words. The Blue Garden is situated up on the hills above Trondheim, and though the snow has melted downtown and near the fjord, we still have alot of snow to struggle with here. Something my husband is happy about, he can still cross country ski most afternoons.
We are having nice and springlike weather these days though, so after dinner I decided to do a little "seek and you shakk find" game outdoors. We cover most of our flower beds with pinebranches during the winter months, and when I lifted a few of them today I found that everywhere under the green needles, bulbs are eager to seek light. Tulips and narcissuses are everywhere. In a few weeks time now I can invite you to a colour feast.

Seek and You Shall Find. I am back to my daily garden walks routine.........


A wildlife gardener said...

Jesus certainly walked in the garden and enjoyed the peace and solitude it gave him there..and he told lots of stories about the lilies of the field, the mustard see, the Sower, seeds falling on rocky ground, fig trees, birds of the air,...all sorts about the flora and fauna of Galilee :)

Barbara said...

I guess from now on everything grows very fast in your garden. And in mid/end of May we have again the same gardens, haven't we? And you'll also celebrate all the colours you have there.
Enjoy your daily gardenwalks!