Thursday, 25 September 2008

The saddest part......

The saddest part of autumn is the goodbyes, and the short days. Soon my mornings will be too dark to enjoy much of the garden before I head for work. The birds will get their seeds all though the winter, so I will be out every morning, but my eyes will miss their daily feed, the colours of the garden.
Pink, light blue, white.....spots of treasures along every path, in every bed. I drink in the beauty, the sight, the smell, my fingertips touching the velvet surface of a late leave.

And always when I walk I look for colours for my food palette.
Cooking is a highlight of the day.

Monday, 22 September 2008

Early morning in the garden

Life has been running ahead of me this summer, and I can't tell if I ever had some time to sit down and smell the roses.
The roses and all other flowers must sense my living too fast for the senses though, and are awarding me with their beauty. Their whisper is heard through the air by ears ready to listen:
Stop, breath, smell, enjoy.
We are here. For you.
An early morning walk though a wet garden this morning helped me to halt.