Sunday, 20 May 2007

Tomato plants.

The western wall outside our kitchen veranda was overgrown with some old bushes when we moved in. Terje cut down the bushes last summer, and now the tomato plans are planted in the bed. I am crossing my fingers that the summer will be sunny and warm for them.


UP said...

My Mother in-law would plant her tomato plants against the West side of her house also. I on the other hand would plant my a few weeks later in my garden, which was at the back of our yard.

Because of the warm afternoon sun Moms tomato plants always bore fruit weeks ahead of mine. Very summer Mom would have to tell me that she just couldn't understand why her tomato plants had fruit so much earlier then mine. I would always chuckle and tell her it was the love she showed them.

So I hope your plants bear a lot of fruit.

Ardi said...

If you can plant tomato plants out when you only had snow a couple of weeks ago, then I think I'd better get myself down to the plant store and get mine. I had been putting it off waiting for warmer weather. Beans are up, peas are slow to show.