Thursday, 10 May 2007

In the sanctuary

The sanctuary is faced north and shadowed by huge trees. Little grows there so far, and spring comes late. But now the wood anemones are blooming. The sanctuary/wilderness will be greener, but for the moment I am enjoying the tiny anemones, which have been among my favorite flowers since my childhood.
A Wildlife Gardener suggested "sæter" or "grønne enger" as the name for the sanctuary. Great suggestions. Sæter is the place/old house where the farmers took their animals during the summer season to let the land around the farm get some rest. Usually tha sæter is high up in the mountains. Grønne enger is the Norwegian translation of "green pastures", from the Book of Psalms. The Norwegian translation means more "green hills" though, and not exactly describing our sanctuary.
I am still working on the name. I know it has to be something in connection with the rainbow. Something colourful.
The magpies are busy in the sanctuary every night. Two deers passed by last night. And I have already had my first conversation there, with a visiting neighbour. The sanctuary is coming to life.

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