Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Blue scillas

Creating my garden, I realise again and again that gardens from my childhood are of great inspiration to me. I wish I had photos from the gardens of my two grandmothers. May be there are some photos around if I search for them.......

There were alot of scillas in grandma Olga's garden. In spring they were like a qujilt covering the grass. I would love to sew a scilla quilt in The Blue Garden, and a couple of years ago I planetd the first bulbs, a few around the lilac, more around the cherry tree. And it seems like they are feeling at home. The grass around the cherry tree has alot of blue patches now.

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Tracy said...

I love these little blue flowers, along with grape hyacinth (perleblomst)--at the base of trees they make pretty blue haloes. Hope you have lots more of these blue beauties in years to come! :o)