Friday, 25 May 2007


I've been away for almost a week and was looking forward to see the garden again. Well, it has mostly been cold (will summer ever come this year), so there was not alot of changes since I left. But still thr growth goes on every day. And wonder over wonders. The cherry tree which we bought a couple of years ago is finally in bloom.

The first year the tree bore now cherries, last year I found 10 (!) and I could eat them all since the others were away :-). Now it looks like there will be alot of flowers........what will autumn bring?


Star said...

I've never seen cherry trees in bloom; we don't have them in my area. Soak up their flowery goodness for me.

Tracy said...

So lovely, the cherry blossoms! We were away for two weeks and missed much for the fruit tree blooms--so great to see some here. Hope now that you're back the garden will start to work its magic for you--it was just waiting for you to return...Happy Days! :o)