Tuesday, 1 May 2007

The time consuming "prikling".

"Å prikle" is a Norwegian word, and only by hearing the word I can relate to something time consuming. "Priklearbeid" is what we are doing when we are untying knots which are almost impossible to master. To do "priklearbeid" you need patience. The origin of the word comes from the work you do when you plant out all the tiny plants in spring. Hundreds of small seeds have been sown together, the plants have started to grow out of the first pots and it is time to take one and one plant over in new pots to give the roots space to grow.

I am not known to be a patient person, but I love to "prikle" the plants. The release their tiny, white roots with care and give them a new home. And yesterday was the day to do the "prikling". It is still too cold to leave the small plants out during the night, right now they even need a place indoors during the days. And it is a challenge to find a room for all the mismatched pots. The windowsill is full, the office window is full, right now even the hall is filled with growing plants instead of shoes.

The solution must ge a green house..........and a greenhouse is on top of my wish list for my 50th birthday next spring.


A wildlife gardener said...

I never ever had a greenhouse all the years I grew seeds...then two years ago we invested in a little octagonal one which we use for seeds just now. Then later we sit in it for morning coffee or afternoon tea, and it's lovely to be sitting in it in September or October when the weather is colder.

Tracy said...

To tend flowers is an act of patience and love...Very satisfying! A greenhouse for your 50th--that would be a splendid gift! I've been wanting a greenhouse ages, but we really have no space for one, sadly. So I'll just have to dream of one instead. Happy Garden Days! :o)