Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Creating a Sanctuary

The backyard wilderness is slowly transforming into a sanctuary. Thank you very much Mouse and Ardi for your ideas.
Terje hung a bird's nesting box up in one of the trees today, and an old bench was moved from another part of the garden.
I need a name for this part of the garden, the Blue Garden is actually the walled front garden. Any suggestions?
Circle this place by day and by night.
Keep far from it all that harms,
bring to it all that is good.
May this place be fragrant with the presence of the Lord,
God's peace be always here
and in those who dwell here.
Ray Simpson in Celtic Daily Light


Ardi said...

We have a friend who did a portion of her garden in all white things - white flowers, the lighter tones of grey-green for greenery, etc. She calls this her White Prayer Garden. There a little spot to sit in with a small table where she writes in her journal.

A wildlife gardener said...

Oh, how my heart gladdens at this post! For me, to create a haven for wildlife is something sacred. Perhaps you could call it 'Shalom', the greeting meaning 'Peace', in the hope that all the wildlife who come, will find sanctuary and therefore peace.

Rose said...

Oh, Britt-Arnhild, I love the idea of creating a garden sanctuary, a sacred space out in the sacredness of nature. Do you have a water element out there? I love the sound of water when I'm outdoors. Chimes, too, gently calling back to the breeze. Name suggestion: Shanti, which is Sanskrit for Peace.

Mouse said...

I agree with Rose, Shanti would be perfect, or Bhakti, which means devotion, Tashi means blessings in Tibetan

Something that celebrates goodness and worship and well-being which is sure to being good fortune to the people who visit your sanctuary

A water feature would be nice
In the UK you can buy solar-powered fountains that trickle water through bamboo and onto rocks

the sound of running water is so soothing...

and please, don't buy wind chimes
I am going to send you some from France...
a late birthday gift