Friday, 11 May 2007

Caring Bloggers Rose Day

I have been a blogger since January 2005, and I am amazed by the friendliness in the blogging world. A couple of weeks ago I got to idea to introduce a Caring Bloggers Rose Day, and did so in a post in Britt-Arnhild's House in the Woods on April 30.
The response was immense.
I celebrated the Rose Day yesterday with a visit to a local garden center where I bought several roses. One of them, a Rose Rugosa, will be my special 2007 Blog Rose. I will plant itnear the open gate to the sanctuary, and it will remind me of all my blogger friends. The 2007 Blog Rose will be the first in a Blog Rose collection.


A wildlife gardener said...

What a lovely idea. I have not heard of this, but I planted six new roses this last week to try once more and see if they will survive the windburn. The only ones which do are the rugosas and the pimpinellifolias.

Re your sanctuary name...I had another idea. After the flood, God said, 'I will put my bow in the sky'...the rainbow of which you spoke in your last blog. What about calling your sanctuary 'The Promise', because of God's promise?

snappy said...

Hi Britt,I love the rose day idea, and its cool you have bought one.I like the name Sanctuary as it is.
A place of refuge, and somewhere to weather lifes storms.That to me is the idea of a Sanctuary (also a song by the Cult.Listen to it if you can...She sells Sanctuary...).
My dream rose would be a dog rose, growing along the side of my dream house :)