Friday, 18 May 2007

The Blue Garden as perfect Background.

The Blue Garden makes a perfect background for a bouquet of beautiful (;-))women dressed in regional costumes - bunads.
From the left: Ingrid's friend Hanne with a bunad from the region of Nord Møre, Britt-Arnhild with a bunad from the region of Trøndelag, Ingrid with a bunad from the region of Rogaland and my mother Marta with a bunad from the region of Gudbrandsdalen. My mother got her bunad when she was 17 years old. Her bigger sister, aged 19, did all the embroidery.


Ardi said...

What a gorgeous picture. I love the tradition behind where your bunad comes from. You can see the beauty running through the generations.

Star said...

You all look so beautiful in your costumes. What amazes me is that all of you continue to fit in your bunads each year--mine would have been altered many times by now.

Kitem said...

The robes ares absolutly beautiful, I understand why you're so proud to wear them, in honnor of your country, your nation and a one of your ancestor birthplace.
Your mother looks great, say "bonjour" to her, from me.

Mouse said...

Indeed you all look beautiful in your lovely national costumes
and your daughter is stunning, you must be very proud of her

Anonymous said...

Beautiful women!