Friday, 2 November 2007

Through my studio window

I was out this morning photographing the virgin snow which came during the night, and had planned to show a few of the photos here. I lifted my eyes from the computer screen and looked out my studio window - and here is what I saw.
Two mooses passing just outside the window. Having my Nikon at hand it was easy to get these photos.
You don't need to travel far and wide when you live in The House in the Woods, excitement can be found both inside and outside the studio window.


Mary said...

Oh how wonderful The Moose have come to visit!! And you have Snow!

ardi said...

How exciting! The worry with moose is that not only do they eat your plantings, but they can be dangerous when protecting their young. This looks like a cow with a young calf so do be careful if you're out and about near them. It is thrilling to see the wonders of nature up close, isn't it? Thanks for sharing them.

see you there! said...

We see deer at the mountain house but I've never seen a moose in *person*. How exciting. Glad you had the camera handy.


Lorrie said...

Snow! and Moose! How wonderful. We used to live further north where we saw moose - such gangly yet graceful creatures. We now live on an island (a large island) where there are deer, but no moose.
I plan on showing this to my husband this evening.
Thank you for sharing with us.

Lorrie from Canada

janilizi said...

so so beautiful, I must visit your lovely country one day. I am trying at the moment to organise a visit to Denmark to look at nature nurseries (forest school here in England) do you have them in Norway?

Ewa said...

It is really great to have a chance to see now what you saw in the morning from your window. amazing to see moose just 'at the door' - grat you had your camera at hand.
thanks for sharing,

Britt-Arnhild said...

Mary - it has been snowing on and off al day today, but now it is getting milder and the snow is melting :-)

Ardi, luckily it seems like they don't eat enything from the garden, but you are right, it is a little scary. Marta walks alone to school in the dark mornings....I might have to follow her now.

Darla, we see deers in our garden quite alot, but a moose is rare.

Lorrie, I called my husband at work today and he could see the mooses on my blog :-)

Janilizi - yes, we have forest schools. Welcome to Norway.
I tried to find your blog through the link you gave, but it didn't allow me.

Ewa, yes, I am really glad I had my camera just beside me.

Carolyn said...

What a site to see adn I am so glad you had the camera so close to capture this. I only wish that cute little tree had a red bow tied at the top and you could use this for your Christmas Cards :-)
Much love to you and your family.

Terri said...

BAWL - I just knew it was snow you were going to show us. But, the nice surprise of moose is wonderful.

I like seeing your neighborhood wchih I havven't seen before.

Britt-Arnhild said...

Carolyn - a Christmas card is a good idea. May be I'll do that, even without the red bow :-)

Terri - glad you like my neighbourhood. You might not have seen much of it, but at least you have seen "more than enough" photos from my garden....

Donetta said...

Wow! how breadth taking! That is so wonderful! I am glad that she did not visit your garden for a breakfast snack.:)

Christian Homekeeper said...

We lived in Alaska for about 8 years and the moose were abundant there and the snow of course lol. I miss it so much, thanks for those pictures they remind me so much of Alaska! =)