Sunday, 11 November 2007

Colour Schemes for the Flower Garden. Booktalk in The Blue Garden - 2

Twice I have visited Gertrude Jekyll's garden on Lindisfarne, the first time in late autumn, the second in early spring. The first time a little too late for the garden to show its best, the second time a little too late. I plan to go back to Lindisfarne next year, and this time in August, and look forward to see what the garden will look like then.
As a gardener and a garden lover I have known about Gertrude Jekyll for years, but it was not untill my Lindisfarne visit this spring that I bought my first book from Gertrude's pen, Colour Schemes for the Flower Garden. And many a summer night was spent out in the Blue Garden reading from this book, learning about how to grow a painting.

The colours of the Blue Garden are covered under a white quilt now, but the dreams of a next year and another colourful painting lives in me, and trough long, dark winter nights Gertrude Jekyll walks with me in my dreams.


Olivia Kroth said...

Hello Britt-Arnhild,
I have never been to Lindisfarne yet, but I have exactly the same book by Gertrude Jekyll which you are talking about. It is a wonderful garden book and I treasure it highly.

She was a superb master of gardening, her colour schemes and planting ideas are still unsurpassed today. You are lucky to have seen her original garden in England.

Barbara said...

And exactly the book you mentioned I do not know (though I have some other books about and from Gertrude Jekyll). I think I have to look for this when I'm in Dublin end of this week. Have a nice week with not too much snow!