Saturday, 10 November 2007

Snowy fairyland.

This is what I see from my studio window today. I was out as soon as it was light enough to fill the feeders and to take photos. Now I can enjoy it all from a cosy room of my own.

The smell of a sweet foccaccia in the owen makes my stomack cry, and to make time pass I am working on some felted ornaments for Christmas. Somehow the snow fills me with inspiration. The studio is transformed to an artist's workshop.


marita said...

such beautiful image, so clean...
would love to see some xmas lights in it at night britt!!

Naturegirl said...

((((((((((OH MY SNOW! ))))))))
already!Britt this is unbelievable!
Yours is the first post of this years
((((((SNOW)))))) is a winter wonderland for sure! What a glorious view from your window!! hugs aNNa

Lorrie said...

How utterly beautiful. I love the snow, but we see very little of it here. Your pictures are breathtaking. Enjoy a wonderful day!

Christian Homekeeper said...

I want some snow! lol =)

Olivia Kroth said...

So much snow in Trondheim!
All we have got is a bit of night frost and lots of rain today.

Elaine said...

Marta is just beautiful! Oh, wouldn't it be fun if she and Gillian could meet!

The snow is gorgeous! Thank you for the lovely pictures!