Wednesday, 7 November 2007


When the weather prevents me from garden fun, there is still alot to do indoors. Like potting a few cuttings. I now have two more plants to help survibe the winter. One is a geranium from a plant I bought this spring, the other is a lemon geranium cutting I took Taking cuttings is not stealing, is it.....) from one of the green houses in the botanical garden in Padova.


Barbara said...

I often take cuttings (one of my huge roses is a cutting from an English hotel!), but only in summer. I was never lucky to overwinter them. Where do you place your geranium cuttings during winter?? They need light I suppose and also some warmth, don't they? Good luck with yours, especially the one from Padua ;-) !!
Hilsen, Barbara

UP said...

Reminds me of my dad. In the winter, his basement was full of cuttings, and other plants that he brought in for the winter.