Thursday, 1 November 2007

Every season.......

I am a summer girl. The Nordic summers are never too hot not to be comfortable, the light is on all night and the colours are divine through our summer months. But walking in the garden a morning before work in this red light I have no problem in admitting that every season has its charm.
I was out this morning with my usual ration of sunflower seeds for the birds and animals which visit daily, some of the creatures have even moved into the garden and can't be called visitors any more, when this warm, glowing red light filled the air.
Lucily my camera wasn't far away, and though the colours on a photo can never be the same as real life, I think you here can get a good image.
We have had several snow showers already this autumn, but every time the snow has melted in a few hours. And luckily no deep frost yet. I still have winter preparations to finish, and hope to find time for that this week-end.

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Ewa said...

what a lovely light you had in the morning :)
have a nice weekend :)