Saturday, 3 November 2007

Rain or shine

Rain or shine, the garden needs its man and its woman. Snow is coming and going every second day now, though luckily no frost yet. There were still some pots waiting to be emptied before the long darkness sets in, and today was the day we had to do it. Raining cats and dogs? No, it was raining elephants, but as born stubborn Norwegians, rain doesn't prevent us. We just wear wellingtons and waterproof jakets, raise our shoulders up above our ears and are ready to meet any task.
Some of the clay pots have been hosting annuals this summer. I gathered the plants in a corner under a fir tree down in the backyard, where Terje covered them in a thick quilt of fir branches. Hopefully the plants will make it through the winter months and can be planted out - somewhere - next spring.

Because of all the snow we get during the winter, we carry all pots inside the garage in autumn, but first a cleaning prosess was essential. Icy cold water from the pipe and icy cold water from the sky.
Now we are back inside and I am baking a sweet foccaccia. As soon as it is finished I'll make a huge pot of coffee and we can get some warmth again.


Barbara said...

Lucky Britt-Arnhild! You seem to have almost finished your winter preparations. I'm still far away from this, though we can get snow pretty soon too! You are lucky too with your husband helping to do this garden work!!!
Enjoy a warm, cosy weekend inside!

UP said...

Britt-Arnhild, I just love your word pictures. Even without photos, I would be able to picture the rain gear. However, I enjoy peeking into your world through the photos.

marita said...

your terra pots look like mine on my balcony ;)) planted with my beloved hydrangea from my dad's garden!!