Saturday, 30 June 2007

What time is it?

I bought this sun dial at a Past Time shop in newcastle last month. We haven't found out how it works yet (why is it always so hard reading instructions?). Meanwhile it is a charming decoration on a cafè table in The Blue Garden.


A wildlife gardener said...

Pretty sundial. the instructions with ours was to set the gnomen, the pointer, to north.

Tracy said...

I've not practical experience using sundials, so I'm not much help I'm afraid... ButI love them though, and yours is lovely!

Barbara said...

A lovely sundial you've got...I've just seen that google also gives some advice on how it works (one can even make a sundial....perhaps - if once I should have plenty of time - I'm going to do it!!!). Have a good time, though and a nice weekend!