Monday, 16 July 2007

Back home from two weeks in Italy.

I always want the best from two worlds. I want a huge, blooming garden without a gardener to help us with all the work. And I want to travel during the summer months. This is not easy. We are just back home after two weeks in Italy and an overgrown garden is waiting for our green fingers.

It rained all day yesterday, so instead of gardening I spent the day indoors, unpacking and working on my travel diary. But today is a perfect garden day. I started working again today and had to wait till the afternoon to start gardening. But Terje is still on vacation and has done a great job today. The garden is coming alive again and looks so pretty.

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UP said...

I have many memories of doing the same thing. I would weed, mulch and pick anything that was remotely ready for harvest. Then when we returned from vacation, I would have to wade into the wild corner of my yard and uncover my plants once again. However, the next morning I would stand at the kitchen window drinking my coffee looking at the garden with a sense of happiness.