Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Fucias, or Blood of Christ

Ever since I, as a young girl, learned that fuccias are also called "Kristi blodsdråpe" (a drop of Christ's blood), this beautiful and vibrant plan has had a special room in my heart. For many years I have dreamed of starting a collection, but so far I have never managed to let the plants survive the winter. I buy new plants every year though, and this summer many of them look glorious.
I don't give up, and will try to keep a few for next year. May be I can get some help from a neighbour who used to grow several hundred different plants, but has now reduced his collection to around 50.

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Ewa said...

Hello BA :) I saw this post before, but today its lovely colors striked me! Fuchsia looks great in that blue container.