Wednesday, 18 July 2007

A Gertrude.......

When I visited Lindisfarne in May I spent alot of time in the Gertrude Jekyll garden. The last day I discovered that a few pots with some small plants were for sale, 50 pence each. They were called Gertrudes. I had no idea what kind of plant is was, it was too small and I have too little knowledge. But I decided to buy one plant.
I am pretty sure I would not be allowed to bring the plant with me in my handluggage, but since I always travel with a small tin box for my artsupplies, I amptied that box and had a perfect bed for my tiny plant.
The plant survived and when I came home I repotted it. It grew, and grew and grew, and I realised it was a poppie. Coming home from Italy last week it had started to bloom with the most beautiful white flowers.


Ardi said...

I think they're poppies. I've seen them in a whole range of colors, the softest blush of pink to a bold, brassy orange.

A wildlife gardener said...

I adore poppies!