Sunday, 22 July 2007

Just before the rain.

We have had a glorious week-end, which have been great with the celebrations of my parents' golden wedding. When the guests left The Blue Garden last night, two small cousins wanted to stay the night here with Marta. They spent all morning today playing out in the garden. I made a "blue garden" pizza for lunch, and as soon as the girls (and their parents and brothers) had left, it was time to start preparing for a new group of houseguest, my father in law and a grandchild of him. Never a dull moment here.
I am home alone just now though. All the others have left to go to a football/soccer match, Rosenborg vs. Viking.

I have just been out for my daily garden walk, and met a few raindrops on my way.

In one of the front flower beds I have this small plant which have some tiny, beautiful flowers right now. I just call it a "lily", but have no idea what the exact name is. Can it be a hosta?


Gardenista said...

I am pretty sure that is a hosta, also known as a "plantain lily", so you aren't far wrong calling it a lily!

A wildlife gardener said...

Looks like a hosta to me too. Family gatherings are wonderful memories to have.

Barbara said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. It is definitely a hosta. I have many of them in my garden (big, medium and small ones) and they are blooming now. Some of them (mostly the white ones) have a light a lily!!