Monday, 4 June 2007


Doing daily garden walks mornings and nights open my eyes to details, new leaves growing, a flowers soon to open into a feast of flowers, a bee busy in a blackberry bush, a raindrop here, a raindrop there.

Cobwebs are in many ways a sign of spring for me, then they are everywhere. But last night I had to stop up to watch the sun playing in this fairytale lace outside the kitchen window.

Creation can not be explained, but it can give you reason to keep on living every day in praise.


Tracy said...

Love your sentiment of living every day in praise...And that spider web gives me an idea for knitting lace--LOL!

Ardi said...

Gorgeous spider web, Britt-Arnhild. Have you ever watched them while they were building one of them? I once spent a half hour, glued to the window with my oldest granddaughter, watching them at work. They are very patient and very industrious at the same time! And if you happen to catch them hung heavy with dew, it looks like the web is covered in a thousand jewels.

Star said...

I love how you've captured this little wonder; spider webs seem to have a bit of magic woven into them. I'm glad you were able to keep those last weekend hours for yourself rather than giving in to work concerns.