Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Plant a tree.

Last night I saw Al Gore's film, An Inconvenient Truth. One of the things we were challenged to do by the end of the film was to plant a tree.
We planted an apple tree in The Blue Garden last week. There were no fruit trees when we moved in, and a few years ago we planted a plum tree and a cherry. I have always wanted an apple tree, and now it is there, with its beautiful blossoms.


Tracy said...

Lovely apple tree...which will give you continual beauty and fruit! We so many trees on our small property, I don't know where we could fit another one...But I would love to have one of those red leaf japanese maple trees *SIGH* I've not yet seen Al Gores noted film--hope to soon.

Mouse said...

We have attended many funerals of family and friends in the last few years, too many, and when people say 'no flowers' we make a donation in their memory to have a tree planted in a forest in Scotland. Sometimes I feel like I am personally responsible for the reforestation of a whole glen.
Have you read 'l'homme qui plantait des arbres'?