Monday, 18 June 2007

Rhododendron at its best.

This is absolutely the best time of the year for our big rhododendron which grows outside the walled garden, faced west.
Our son Øystein phoned yesterday to tell that he would stop on his way home from work, "can you make me some supper mom?" Of course I could. And to decorate the supper table I picked one of the purple beauties from the rhododendrons and placed it in a glass bowl.........Not that I believe Øystein would see it though :-), so it was mostly done for me.


Steffi said...

I come from Peter´s blog to yours!
Your blog is really nice and I love my garden too!Really beautiful pictures of your garden!


see you there! said...

Beautiful rhododendron. Ours bloom in the early spring and I always look forward to them. You must be enjoying your garden so much this time of year.


snappy said...

I want to see the Rhodadendrum blooms in the bowl.Im sure you photgraphed them.Its a lovely flowering shrub.