Tuesday, 5 June 2007


Part of gardening fun is to create hidden spots of colours. Surprises for eyes and mind when you wander around and suddenly are met by dots of blues or pinks,,,,or yellow, orange or purple. I want my garden to be a place where you can walk and be met by colours - the smiles of God, on unexpected places.


ardi said...

I like the idea of hidden treasures, B-A. I got one in my own garden recently. Went out to weed an area where there have NEVER been weeds before. We cut down several old, rotted maple trees and the light they kept out has created a lush growing area. As I weeded out the tall grasses, I found a sweet little plant with tiny white flowers. I have no idea what it is, but I carefully weeded around it and left it in tact. I hope that it grows like the sweet woodruff has.

snappy said...

There are always hidden treasures if we choose to see them.Blogging has made me look more carefully now from distance to extremely close up.There is wander and beauty.
I have ordered that book you read about Durham Cathedral, the ken follett book.I will read it now thinking about you :)
I love the Cobwebs picture.I always hoped to get some after a night frost with icy droplets along it.Need to wait for winter to try to find that to photograph.