Saturday, 15 September 2007

Change of colours.

Saturday morning 6.30am, warm and dry indoors, cold and a heavy rain outdoors. This autumn has given me exactly 30 minutes for sunny garden life. Those minutes happened yesterday afternoon. It was raining, suddenly the sky was totally blue and a bright sun shone, and 30 minutes later almost black clouds sailed up from the west. But I know I shall not complain - we don't have floodings, we don't have hurricanes and we have a very comfortable house. And looking out the windows can be quita fascinating when the weather is like this.
I have a window on my left side here I sit, and looking over the roof of our neigbour's house I see a small hill. In the winter a can sometimes see a moose following its track there, but for now the trees are too filled with leaves to let me see anything beneath them. During autumn I love following the change of the colours. A couple of weeks ago everything was green, now the spots of yellow, orange and red grow from day to day. Autumn is fascinating - from behind the windows.


Barbara said...

Here the day started with exception! But in the garden slowly the colours also change. It IS autumn! From my window I still see some roses bloom but behind them is a maple with its coloured leaves. You have a nice look out of your window....and in case all colours disappear in your garden, you still have your blue table and bench ;-) !!Have a cosy weekend!

Naturegirl said...

Britt my first time here to this delightful blog!! Your blue garden is lovely!! hugs NG

Britt-Arnhild said...

Barbara: I still enjoy the blue furniture, but soon it must be stored away for the winter season. Too much snow here to keep it outdoors.

Naturegirl: welcome over from the House in the Woods. The Blue Garden is always open to friends :-)