Monday, 10 September 2007

Butterfly Bush

When I was at the island Tautra in the beginning of June, I found this butterfly bush in a "help yourself - nursery". The bush was still small and I had no idea what it eventually would look like, but I couldn't resist the name. "Butterfly Bush"! Could you have resisted?

I am so happy I bought it, and hopefully the name means that it will attract dozens of butterflies. This fall the weather is so wet and cold that there are very few butterflies around, but the bush has got its first flower. And I love it!


Barbara said...

You may look forward to seeing butterflies coming to this bush. They really do. I have several of these plants (buddleja) in different colours in my garden. Unfortunately here too, the weather is not very ideal for butterflies at the moment.
Hilsen, Barbara

Anonymous said...

That blue is so bright and cheery! The color contrasts so nicely with the flowers.