Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Before the long sleep

October has come and our long and unexpected Indian Summer must come to an end. The days are shorter, and the nights are cold, cold, cold. Frost is right around the corner and it is time to find comfortable sleeping areas for plants which are not comfortable with the long, cold and dark Nordic winters.
My morning walk in the garden is extra long today. I pick huge bouquets of roses, I mix colours and make small and large bouquets fo late flowers for every room in our house. It is better to enjoy the beauty and the colours for a few days indoors than be sad the morning you woke up only to discover that the frost got it all.
Every season has it's own charm. Autumn often brings a sadness, time for goodbyes, time for endings. But it also brings the hope of new life. Death is not the end, but a beginning of something else.
I can trust my garden. It is always here waiting for me. It greets me through my life - "go, see the world, then come back and enjoy what you have here", "come, stay, wrap yourself in colours and fragrance". My garden, my sanctuary. Charming in its untidyness, never a garden for the magazines, always a garden for my life.
This post was originally posted in The House in the Woods.


Barbara said...

A very sensitive post and I liked your last sentence which also could stand for my opinion. Let's enjoy the rest that autumn brings to our gardens and let allow them to have a rest until early Spring. I still wish you some wonderful sunny and not too cold autumn days!

Ann said...

Britt: I hope that you will come see my garden when you are next in the USA. And if I come to Europe, I would be pleased to come see yours. It's funny for me, when autumn comes, how the temperatures seem perfect, but I resist working in my garden! There's lots of "closing up the season" work to do, but I resist it!