Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Back in the sanctuary

Last spring I decided to make the backyard wilderness into a sanctuary. I place where I can walk around enjoying beauty and wildlife, a place where I can sit down in quiet or in prayers, a place where I can find myself.
It really was a wildlife when I made my desicion and Terje spent many hours digging old plants and loads of soil. Slowly the place started to show us its own charm, and when spring came this year Terje continued his work.

In good time for my birthday he finished the digging and grass was sown. A few trees were planted, some lavender bushes were moved from other places in the garden. I spotted two huge terracotta pots at a gardenshop I pass on my way to work and knew that they would be perfect for the sanctuary, and the simple bench became a good spot to sit down in reflections.

The sanctuary is not finished, and might not never be - the best part of growing a garden is the work which continue and change from day till day, from season till season. But it has become a good place to stay.

I fill the air with prayers hoping that the film between heaven and earth will be worn thin.

The sanctuary is what I see from my kitchen window.
The late afternoon sun played hide and seek with the flowers and trees today, and I let the beauty fill me.

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