Sunday, 5 October 2008

The first snowflakes

During our morning coffee we looked out the window and saw the very first snow flakes of the season. Only a few, very wet ones, and they melted almost before they reached the ground, but still a clearly sign - winter is on its way.
There were still flowerpots left out in the garden, I always wait as long as possible to empty them because I hate saying goodbye to the colours of summer. Often I wait too long and the frost takes plants which could have survived in the basement, or it breaks the pots.

We finished our coffee and then dressed in boots and thick jackets.
Four hands work so much better then two, and in almost no time most of the pots were emptied and stored away. Some plants have found their winter room, some are still in the livingroom or the kitchen to give us more of their beauty before I also have to carry them down into the basement. A few are still outside, I never give up the hope that frost will be delayed and we can enjoy one more last rose, more sparkling colours from the fucsias, a few geraniums in white, pink and red.

The squirrels didn't like to be disturbed by two busy gardeners, the neighbours little dog loved it though, and helped us spreading as many cones as possible. Marta watched from the window and came out to play along.

A happy Sunday


Tyra in Vaxholm said...

Nej men det är för tidigt!!!

Balisha said...

We haven't had any snowflakes yet. We did have frost Sat. morning.

Barbara said...

I do hope that the first snow flakes here are still waiting to fall...I am not yet ready for winter, though in our mountains there is already snow. Actually I am also preparing everything for the season to come. There is a lot of work...pruning, cutting, digging, replanting...I think, autumn is a time as busy as Spring (or even busier?;-)!).
Enjoy your last autumn days,