Sunday, 7 December 2008

Winter closed

The play house is winter closed. Some days I wonder how it would be like to open it, serve some hot chocolate and sit down with some reading. But I soon come to my senses. The winter in Norway is too cold, and anyway the playhouse is a perfect storehouse during winter, so there would be no place to sit down.
I wonder of the "nisser" are there though. Somewhere inside, making their nisselife comfortable. We will give them risengrynsgrøt on Christmas Eve and see what happens.


Barbara said...

You better stay inside with your cup of hot chocolat! It really looks very wintery in your garden with all that snow and I can imagine how cold it is.
Have a good week, Britt-Arnhild!
Greetings from a cold place too,

Mouse said...

I am going to have to add Norwegian to my language-bag! Please, what are "nisser'?