Saturday, 29 November 2008

The birds need a helping hand

Our old birdfeeder has seen its best days. But the birds need food, and I want to see them from the livingroom when they are feasting on nuts and sunflower seeds.
I found a couple of new feeders a few days ago, and now both I and the birds are happy.


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

What a lovely blog..didn't realize you had a few of them ...I will put you in my blog I can catch up. :-)

Barbara said...

We too have started to feed the birds again. The soil is frozen and from time to time a thin layer of snow is on the ground and covering what birds like to eat. From my window I can watch them dancing or quarreling around the feeder. It's a funny spectacle.
Have a lightfull advent time!

Brook said...

Oh my! I still haven't put away my capris! I'm glad you are taking care of the birds that haven't headed south.