Saturday, 15 November 2008

Last winter preparations

Every season has its own charm. It is raining cats and dogs here today, so the week-end will be spent indoors. Perfect for creative activities.

The days are short, it is dark when we leave for work now, and dark when we are back home again. Luckily last week-end was better, and my husband did alot of winter preparations in the garden.

All pots are emptied or moved indoors to a cold room in the basement.

Old leaves are raked together and will make good compost for next years growth.
We are ready for winter.

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Barbara said...

It must have been a little "shock" returning from warm India to a cold and autumnal Norway. You're ready for winter, so it seems. In my thoughts I am ready too, but....there should still a lot of things to be done...
Enjoy the cosy evenings now (I do it :-) in spite of all the undone work!)...your heart is now filled with a lot of warm Indian memories!
Have a nice day!