Tuesday, 8 January 2008

No use waiting for spring yet.........

Living in Norway means that there is winter many months of the year. It is not like in Narnia though as it was the first time Lucy and her siblings came there, with winter all year, and no Christmas. Can you imagine! You all know that in our house we celebrate Christmas the big way. But now Christmas is only a fading memory, the days are getting longer and my mind is turing against spring. Though spring is still a long time away... I couldn't resist photographing a few of my empty flowerpots. They are on the veranda right outside the kitchen. When summer comes they will all be filled with bright and colourful herbs.
I plan a rainbow garden this year. Will plant seeds which will give flowers in all colours during the period of lent, and it will be a reminder of the rainbow God set in the sky. The rainbow which is God's sign of hope.

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Barbara said...

Why your title "it is no use waiting for..."?? We HAVE to wait, we cannot do anything else....a gardener has to be patient ;-) !! I admitt it is sometimes quite hard when thinking that Spring only comes in a few months....Actually we had some days with temperatures around 0°C and now it turns again. I'm sure the real, cold, snowy winter is still coming. So now I look at my books and have some Spring feelings in my head....if I want!!!
Have a lovely day!