Thursday, 3 January 2008

Books for Christmas.

Books are the best gifts I can get for Christmas. This Christmas I got quite alot and have hours of great and interesting reading ahead of me. During the past summers I've spent more and more time out in the garden, and this growing interest takes me to garden books and magazines during the cold months. Therefore it was a wonderful surprise to get a garden book from a good friend spending a year overseas. Digging Deep, Unearthing your Creative Roots through Gardening by Fran Sorin.The garden is dead and frosen these days. Even my garden blog is almost sleeping. But reading about Sorin's six stages of creative unfolding - imagining, planning, planting, tending, enjoying and completing..........I am counting the weeks now till I can start gardening again.


Barbara said...

Garden books are indeed wonderful, wonderful gifts. My "children" (they are now grown-up) also spoilt me with some of them. It is always interesting to see what other gardeners are reading!
Have a good (reading) time!

Anonymous said...

I agree. Books are wonderful gifts. I hate to shop but I don't mind shopping for books. ;-)

Happy reading!


Lenka said...

Aww... I reading your posta and think how much you remind me my darling sister-in-law... Amaizing! And i absolutely in love with your winter garden - I am gardener too and live sleepind winter time in my backyard.