Monday, 14 January 2008

Guess what I found today! A Britt-Arnhild flower :-)

Some days are vulnerable days.
I had one of those today,
but then an angel dusted some love on me
and sent me a flower through bloglandia.......
A Britt -Arnhild Flower :)
A Blue Hyacinth flower to go with Britt Arnhilds Blue blogs.I have just been reading her many blogs about food, opera, and the garden. They are full of lovely warm storys. The house in the woods has 800 posts with lovely photos to illustrate the prose. Not bad for someone whos first language is Norwegion. Blue Cafe is here: finally the Blue Garden with some dreamy winter pictures of snow and tree branches: who blogs almost as much as me. Hope you all check her lovely blogs out :)
This is cut and pasted from David's blog
(with his permission)

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