Thursday, 11 October 2007

Tulip fever.

Winter is arond the corner. I have been planning to prepare the garden for the winter season for some time now, but rain and terrible cold weather has kept me indoors.
Then finally, yesterday the rain took a break. I found my old, brown garden coat and my garden boots and made myself ready for some garden fun.

After lunch Marta and I drove over to the nearest garden center to buy some new tulip bulbs. There alot of autumn plants and decoration ideas tempted us - both the play house and the front door area have n ow got their own flower arrangements, but to get the tulips into the soil had to be my main priority.

Darkness comes early now, it is not like midsummer when I could play in the garden untill midnight. I worked hard, and just as I had put the last bulb down, darkness came, and with that the first snow.
Now it is time to sit down close to the burning hearth with a cup of hot chocolate and Deborah Moggach's Tulip Fever.


carolyn said...

Is it cold? It's still very mild here in the Uk, I haven't worn a coat yet. Tulips - I always forget to plant bulbs and then regret it in the Spring.

Lorrie said...

My tulip bulbs are still waiting to be planted. And I need to clean out the garden beds first. But here on Vancouver Island we have a little more time.
How lovely to enjoy hot chocolate after a productive day in the garden!