Saturday, 27 October 2007

More winter preparations

Needles and leaves everywhere
Nice to work in the garden together.

The snow might be coming soon, so it is important to remove as much as possible of the pine needles from the roof.
The pines are growing. We cut branches and use them to cover the flower beds.


Ann said...

And I love the pine needles for garden mulch! A nice pile of them can do a great job!

Ewa said...

Yes, I was thinking about the same while reading, that pine needles are great mulch especially for acid loving plants.
I love pines and I planted quite few of them in my garden - my heart is growing while I watch them growing :)
I like your blog and your garden. Blue furniture looks fabulous under Norwegian sky :)
I am thinking to paint my garden furniture and I am not sure whether it should be white or blue.
Do you mind if I link your blog on mine?
Greetings from Poland,