Wednesday, 24 October 2007

A garden walk before dinner

Having had long days at work this week, and with Terje away for four days, it was a special treat to come home today to find Ingrid and her boyfriend in the kitchen making pizza. I had time for a nap before eating, and then a garden walk for me and Canon. Charming and colourful Mr.Autumn is fading, preparing to give room for Old Man Winter. Actrually the old man has been here already on a couple of short visits, but left again to gove Mr.Autumn some more time.
The colours of the garden are fading quite fast now, though the red currant bush, which actually is albino and gives us white currants, still has a few leaves left. Everything si brown and grey in the sanctuary-to-be, but I have planet burbs which will bloom in different colours next spring. Hopefully.

When Christmas comes, the Christmas gnome (julenissen) will come though this passage to look for his rice porridge. I still need to rake some leaves here to make the passage nice for him.
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Barbara said...

Lucky you! After coming home from work you can sit down, have a nap, then a gardentour (already planing ahead for Christmas troll's arrival!) and when you return, you find a wonderfully prepared dinner... that's great and really makes the day....makes it special!!!
Hilsen, Barbara

inspired said...

Wow that looks like a huge garden ;]

Britt-Arnhild said...

Hi Barbara. Today it was my turn again to make dinner, as it is most of the days. My husband and I did it together though, which I love :-)

Inspired - this is the back yarn you see here.