Thursday, 2 August 2007

My cup of tea

The mints are almost overgrowing the herbgarden. I walk out there every morning for a few leaves for my morning cup of tea.


Barbara said...

I love mint tea too and therefore I have several pots (in order to avoid an invasion in the garden) with different sorts of them. Sometimes I put them cutted into salads or antipasti-dishes. Have a nice weekend and greetings from Switzerland.

snappy said...

Hi Britt, I have a pot of mint growing on my kitchen windowsill.I will have to try when the mint is bigger.The main reasons im growing it are the smell (I love rubbing leaves or crushing them and inhaling the fragrant released oils ahh), and to make mint sauce with vinegar and sugar.The traditional accompaniament for Roast Lamb mmm.
Your photos are beautiful as usual.

Carol said...

I do that too, I mean harvesting my fresh menthe from the garden for my peppermint tea! Love your rose cup! Carol xox