Thursday, 23 August 2007


The garden has been neglected for weeks now, time has been precious for other things. But yesterday I managed to leave work early and spent all afternoon getting to know my garden again. So many things are still blooming, and as soon as I had removed the weeds it actually looked quite nice. And we could sit down with our afternoon coffee to enjoy the beauty.
The hollyhocks started to bloom this week. With most of the roses gone, the hollyhock is the queen in The Blue Garden.


Barbara said...

At first sight I thought "what a beautiful rose", it really could be a sister of my Gertrude Jekyll. But it is a special hollyhook, isn't it? I never saw such one before. Is it an annual plant?
Hilsen, Barbara

Star said...

These are so full; I'm used to the single variety. They look scrumptious, just like a cottage rose. :)

Dawn said...

What is the name of this beauty? I have never seen such a hollyhock.

Carolyn said...

I saw your beautiful hollyhock at house in the woods but had to take another peak here. Glad you are enjoying summers blessings of your garden.