Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Autumn is coming.....

A summer is almost over. The days are still sunny and warm, but the nights are getting darker and it is too cold to sit outside. The garden is enjoying this season though. A full rainbow of colours can be found in the beds, the vegetable garden is visited every day before dinner, and the apples are growing. We bought our apple tree this spring, so it is still just a tiny one, but the apples looks very tempting.
I am sorry for my long absence here. We have been travelling and life has been busy. My garden is still there waiting for me every day when I come home from work, filling me with fresh energy. What a blessing!

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Barbara said...

Fine, that you had a good vacation. Here holidays are also finished and there is little time left now for work in the garden. However, every day brings a round in my green "hell and paradise". People in my neigbourhood are harvesting their first apples and pears. I have quinces instead of apples!
Enjoy the last summer days!